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Canadian female author Therisa Peimer

About the Author

Therisa Peimer, a Canadian female author, intertwines her unique life experiences with her passion for fantasy romance books, establishing herself as a distinguished voice in the realm of literature.

Her journey, marked by personal challenges with ADHD and Dyslexia, has been a source of inspiration, propelling her into a writing career that resonates deeply with fans. With an eclectic background that spans from posing nude for artists to serving as a military nurse and a fifteen-year tenure as a psychic medium, Therisa’s diverse experiences enrich her storytelling, making her works a must-read if you’re looking for the best erotic novels.

Now residing in British Columbia with her husband and two boys, Therisa is a testament to overcoming adversity and embracing creativity. Peimer is not just a Canadian author; she is a beacon for anyone who finds solace and adventure within the pages of a book.

The Arkhnuet Series

The Arkhnuet Series unfolds an epic saga of love, power, and survival, wrapped up in a tapestry of complex characters and moral dilemmas set against the backdrop of a classic good vs. evil narrative. From the fiery passion of a prince determined to challenge the status quo to the cold determination of a protector sworn to defend, the series explores the depths of love and the sacrifices required for power. 

As the narrative unfolds, readers are introduced to a world where loyalty is tested, and trust is a commodity as rare as it is precious. A mysterious disease threatens the very fabric of Arkhnuetian society, stirring unrest among its people and giving rise to a power-hungry faction that seeks to exploit the chaos. Amidst this turmoil, unlikely heroes emerge, their destinies intertwined by fate and the ancient magic of their land. 

Each book delves into the personal struggles and victories of its characters, crafting stand-alone stories that contribute to the overarching journey of the Arkhnuetian people. From the tumultuous waters of forbidden love to the shadowy corners of espionage and betrayal, the series navigates the complexities of relationships forged in the heat of battle and the quiet moments of introspection. 

Therisa Peimer masterfully blends elements of sci-fi and romance, creating a universe that challenges the boundaries between right and wrong, alien and human. In this world, every decision shapes the future, and the legacy of love and power echoes through generations, promising an adventure that transcends the pages of the books. 

Book One of the Arkhnuet Series

Taming Flame

Flaminius’s days of bouncing between beds are snatched away the instant he sets eyes on his perfect genetic match, Aurelia. Suddenly, the tedious task of claiming his rightful place on the throne of Arkhnuet doesn’t seem as daunting with his whip-smart wife by his side. But it’s not like Aurelia had a choice; Flaminius is the only soul she can reproduce with, and she’s not about to play a role in her people’s extinction.

Taming Flame book


I people-watch and I listen to what they say and if something intrigues me I write it down in an ideas book. I’ll revisit it later to see if I can create a story from it.

Write like no one will ever read your book and write what you know, what you love, and for the people who will read your genre.

Ask yourself one question, “Would I still write if I never sold a book?”

If the answer is yes, you have a story to tell.

I love to travel and I can write anywhere there is a place to sit, preferably a beach!

I don’t really get writer’s block; it’s more like inspiration block where everything I write sounds terrible. I will write 10 000 words and delete 11 000!

I’m working on book 2 of the Arkhnuet series which covers Joshua’s story and delves deeper into the relationship between Marcus and Gaia. I will also introduce new characters for a possible spin-off series.

BTW, music plays a role in this book.

You know the guy with the crazy hair on the History Channel Ancient Aliens show? I was just randomly watching and he was discussing the possibility of aliens building the pyramids, so I wondered what those aliens’ lives would look like. The rest is recent history!

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